[rescue] NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP?

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sat Aug 9 19:19:53 CDT 2014

On Aug 9, 2014, at 3:54 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> I was a decus member back in the day (when I had first gotten my Pro-350),
> I guess that's moot now - I guess to secure a hobbyist license I need to
> into getting a membership in one of the listed organizations, any pointers
> before I google this? I seem to recall there were a couple groups that were
> free to join to qualify one for a hobbyist license...

Compaq/HP sent out a lot of nonsense about their groups, and in fact I
believed for a long time that the original DECUS had been subsumed or quietly
throttled in its sleep. But the "real" DECUS lived on despite those mailings,
and is now known as DECUServe.

Point your web browser at http://decuserve.org and have a look. You may very
well be able to reactivate your original DECUS account from the good old days
by telneting to decuserve.org and giving "REGISTRATION" as the username. I was
able to revive my account there last year, despite it having expired in their
system many years previously. They'll even tell you when it was last active,
or when it expired, according to their records. I believe in my case it was
over ten years, but I didn't have any trouble with it.

Carl, same applies to you - I'd forget about Encompass, Connect, or whatever
they're calling it. See if you can't activate your original DECUS account with
DECUServe, or else create a new one. Hopefully their messages will avoid the
NSA line eater, or whatever's hanging up the messages from that other group.

Hope this helps,

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