[rescue] NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Sat Aug 9 02:51:08 CDT 2014

I never purchased hardware from EIS, but two fond memories I have from them was,

* EIS has put together a CD full of open source binary release software, that 
was really nice from a time when it wasn't as easy as it is today (at least for 
me).  I am sure that I still have that CD lying around somewhere, but I haven't 
seen it in over a decade.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find any of the 
eis.com pages in any web archive, but I did find this link here that discusses 
their CD:

(3.5) How can I obtain freeware, shareware, and GNU software on a

Micromata of Kassel, Germany offers its "Summertime" CD with
precompiled software for Solaris SPARC and Intel,

EIS offers the "Solaris Companion CD." It reportedly offers the same
binaries as Summertime, and some additions. The SPARC and Intel
binaries are sold on separate CDs. See http://www.eis.com/


* Early in the web's history, Netscape made a web browser and gave it away free 
to users of the Mac, DOS/windows and every RISC based Unix there was out there. 
  After a lot of belly aching from the community, Netscape finally did a compile 
for Solaris X86.  But ... it wasn't for free, they wanted for you to pay for it. 
  And, you couldn't just buy a single user license, Netscape made people buy it 
in lots of 10 minimum.  I don't remember all the specifics of what EIS did, but 
they figured out a way to sell individual browser licenses to Solaris x86 users 
that met Netscape's insane requirements.

Later down the road, Netscape gave their browser away for free for Solaris x86, 
but that wasn't the case initially.  Thats how I remember things playing out.

Here is an old URL that discusses purchasing software from EIS.COM , to include 
the browser.



On 08/ 8/14 05:36 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> I couldn't bring myself to scrap that system...
> It's nothing special (in hindsight), but I paid so much for it...
> Lionel
>> On Aug 8, 2014, at 5:02 PM, Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc> wrote:
>> Thanks for that comment Lionel.
>> I have been in the Solaris on x86 hw community since ver 2.4, and I haven't
> thought about EIS in many years.   They did all kinds of cool and neat things
> for us in the Solaris x86 community.
>> Jerry

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