[rescue] derail to Adaptec/Linux [Re: NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP?]

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Thu Aug 7 11:56:55 CDT 2014

On 7 August 2014 18:18,  <pakenned-list at pobox.com> wrote:
> I was a slackware user (first booted and run from floppies in 2MB of
> RAM, oh my.

Yes, this was trying to get enough of the system up from root-and-boot
floppies that I could mount a CD in my SCSI CD drive.

I never managed. :B,(

> Adaptec on Linux was a particularly awful moving target.  I had some ISA
> (heh) SCSI cards and they were better than nothing.

Interesting -- for a long time it was the host adaptor brand of choice!

My machine was a Sunrace laptop -- I think it was a Hyperbook.
Built-in internal IDE 2B=" drive, SCSI port, scanner port -- so I
couldn't change the settings or swap parts. But high-end for its time
-- I got it used, (relatively) cheap.

> I'm not surprised that you gave up on it.

I think the first distro I got working was Lasermoon Linux-FT, which
was the first LiveCD. It used the hard disk as a cache, and once you'd
run everything once, it was all on your HD and you could  remove the

But I was never brave enough to install a bootloader -- I used LOADLIN
from MS-DOS.

This was on my work machine and at that time we didn't have an office
Internet connection, so I never got it online.

But recently, fixing up and selling most of my vintage Mac collection
before moving abroad, I've done a lot of SCSI work -- and now I
remember just why I hated it so much, and what a relief LBA-capable
EIDE was!

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