[rescue] PDP-11 books

Jim Hickstein jxh at jxh.com
Tue Aug 5 15:35:24 CDT 2014

Free (plus actual shipping, or local pick-up in St. Paul, MN) to a good
home.  All or nothing, please:

1981 pdp11 processsor handbook, pdp 11/04/23/34a/44/70
1977-78 pdp11/70 processor handbook
1981-82 terminals and communications handbook
1978-79 memories and peripherals
1979 terminals and communications handbook
1981 Maintenance Aids Handbook
1980 microcomputer interfaces handbook
1981-82 interfaces handbook
1976-77 pdp-8/a minicomputer handbook
Fall 1981 Spares Kit Handbook
1983-84 PDP-11 MICRO/PDP-11 Handbook
Rainbow Handbook
1978-79 pdp11 software handbook
1983-84 Terminals & Printers Handbook
1983-84 PDP-11 Architecture Handbook

assorted quick-reference cards:
RSX-11M Mini-Reference
pdp11 programming card (2)
vt100 programming reference card
RSTS/E pocket guide
EDT Editor Reference Card
VT220 Programmer Pocket Guide

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