[rescue] Found an old Mac Mini

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 11:49:39 CDT 2014

On 4 August 2014 03:05, William Barnett-Lewis <wlewisiii at gmail.com> wrote:
> Found a first generation Mac Mini hiding in my boxes of misc computer
> stuff. Still had the vga adaptor so I hooked it up. It's got a 1.25 ghz G4,
> 1 gb ram, a 40 (37 gb formatted) gb disk, Combo Drive & OS X 10.3.7
> installed. No airport card.
> Now what do I do with this old gal?
> Perhaps one of the BSDs? It'll run up to 10.5 but my memory is that was
> rather painful with a max of 1 gb ram. OTOH, browsing with anything old
> enough to run on this girl is going to be grim.
> Curious little first world problem. I'd like to find some good use for it
> or sell it. It would be a shame for the little thing to get recycled.

I have one of those in storage in the UK. (I'm in .CZ now.)

It will run Mac OS X 10.5 and with TenFourFox and Aurora, that's still
a useful machine.

It has the max RAM it will take, but you could fit a bigger PATA 2.5"
HD if you wished. It will of course run Ubuntu PowerPC quite nicely.

But the most interesting OS I ran on mine is MorphOS:

There's a free demo but it self-throttles after half an hour. You need
to pay to unlock it.

Getting it on was a real trial -- it involved 2 versions of OS X,
Drive Genius /and/ an Ubuntu 10.04 boot CD.

But basically MorphOS turns a G4 mini into a tiny, quiet, very fast
Amiga. One of the fastest Amigas ever, in fact.

Wifi support is almost nonexistent, Bluetooth doesn't work either I
think, but Ethernet Just Worksb" and it was an interesting experience.

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