[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 141, Issue 4

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 3 22:17:32 CDT 2014

There are a few Rasterflex-HRs for sale on ebay in Europe... the seller does not ship outside the EU though so you may have to get someone trustworthy to send it to you (I had a member of the nekochan forum send me one... be bought 2 or 3 for himself also I think)

That Rasterflex 32 and HR are supposed to be the fastest 2D cards for running Solaris you will probably at best get only a framebuffer on other OSes though, however the SX and a VSIMM are your best options for more modern OSs though especially since NetBSD has some acceleration support for it now (it can mostly run Kde 3.5 according to mccallan at netbsd).

I have a Rasterflex-HR, and a ZX haven't tested the HR yet but the ZX works nicely... it doesn't feel as terribly slow as most people make out though haven't pushed it very hard either. On a long shot you might want to look for an AG10E / FC10E the latter is I think Integrix branded the former Fujitsu ans was probably the most powerful card made for SBUS considering the plethora of chips on it... sadly unobtainuim as I have been looking for one for years (I did find one in Italy or Spain I think it was but shipping was prohibitive...)

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