[rescue] WTB: SUN VSIMM for SS20

Kurt M. Nowak kurt.m.nowak at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 15:21:30 CDT 2014

On 8/3/2014 1:05 PM, Mouse wrote:
>> When you add the framebuffer you lose a memory slot, compared to an
>> SBUS framebuffer...
> Sbus framebuffers with the capability of the cg14 are probably even
> more scarce than 8M VSIMMs.  In particular, I know of only one that
> does 24bpp; the name my memory is handing me for it is the Leo, but
> that could well be wrong.  (It's a high-end - for Sbus - 3D device,
> with Z-buffering and antialiasing and blending and such.)
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Thats probably the Creator for Ultra 1/2s. I have a Leo (ZX) in an SS5 
and it pumps out a lot of heat which was one of my reasons for aiming 
for a VSIMM in the SS20. I dont need outstanding graphics. Plus my TGX 
just died in my SS10 and I could give the TGX my SS20 currently has to 
the SS10 and give the SS20 the cooler running VSIMM..... Not worried 
about losing memory. My banks aren't full anyway. probably way TMI....


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