[rescue] Needing rescue: PDP-11 system in Regina, Sask. AND many other bits.

Toby Thain toby at telegraphics.com.au
Sun Aug 3 11:24:39 CDT 2014

H/t Hoff in #vms


"3 racks inc. tape drive and controller for the RP03s , fault in the 
controller though."

"If you know someone with a truck, could throw in a SOL , PET ( with 
drives ) Amiga 1000 , KIM ..."

"Couple of Cromenco sys threes ... More but I'd have to dig a bit."

"Regina Saskatchewan Canada. In the basement, so needs a few pall 
bearers. More parts north of Loon Lake. Some core memory etc."

"If anyone wants any Commodore stuff I used to be the local warranty 
shop. Also have a few S100 machines."

"Oh and also have a stock of NOS chips. 8080 sets 1k memory 2716 -> 
27512 . Stuff like that .. Mostly work with Pics now."


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