[rescue] Sun HW for rescue in northern California: E450, V240, lots of older stuff

Janet Campbell janetsbrick at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 02:26:30 CDT 2014

It's been a long time since I've been on my list, hopefully someone will
find this equipment interesting -

Sun E450, it worked when it was packed away years ago.  Fully kitted out
for workstation use - dual headed with an Elite3D+Expert3D, and a
SparcStation 4 audio module (yes, they work!).  Not sure on memory/CPU

V240, dual CPUs (2x3GHz?), at least 4GB of memory, dual powersupplies.

Misc stuff: HP 712/80, IBM RS/6k 25T, various AlphaServer bits.  3com
rackmount 10/100 ethernet switches, DEC SCSI cases with canisters, etc.  An
old Sparc 20, a SS2 I think I overclocked to 50MHz back in the mid 90s,
some 4800bps type-5 Sun mice...all sorts of odd bits (I think I saw a P4

This is all in northern California, near Davis.  It will go cheaper the
more you take - take it all and you can have it for free.  :)

Also I have various other Sun hw - quad-ce PCI cards, SAN HBAs up to 8Gb/s
and fibre cabling, dual UW SCSI/dual ce cards, various other stuff - will
let go cheap.



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