[rescue] VT320's, glass TTYs in general - Re: hack42's collection [Was: Re: Tektronix 4002 terminal] (Lionel Peterson)

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Tue Apr 22 17:45:26 CDT 2014

Lionel wrote:
> Yes, the VT525 uses a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard of either PC or
> terminal-specific layout.
> ...
> What I like about the VT525 is that as the monitor fades, replacements are
> plentiful and very affordable...

Consider thin clients as an alternative - you can pick them up for a
few bucks on eBay and if whatever software is in flash doesn't support
a terminal session on the one or two serial ports most include, you can
re-flash it with Linux and go to town.

Suitable units from various manufacturers are currently in the US$20-50
range on eBay with different configurations and accessories. Most can
be expanded, at least in terms of RAM and flash - a good number also
offered options like Bluetooth, WiFi, and even a PCI or PCIe slot.

David Parkinson has gathered a lot of information about these critters
here: http://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin

Not the same as using a real VT terminal, but it's good to have choices...


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