[rescue] VT320's, glass TTYs in general - Re: hack42's collection [Was: Re: Tektronix 4002 terminal]

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Tue Apr 22 15:11:43 CDT 2014

On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 02:57:14PM -0400, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>What I like about the VT525 is that as the monitor fades, replacements
>are plentiful and very affordable... And as retro-computer users age,
>the ability to run a real terminal on a bigger CRT becomes very
>attractive. (DEC never made a 19" terminal AFAIK)

I was about to mention the VRE01 EL/plasma display, but I guess it was
smaller than 19".


I scored one in the early 00s for $25 from Goodwill Computerworks in
Austin because they had no idea what it was and it didn't have a VGA
monitor connector.  I about RAN to the cash register with it, took it
home, and ran it off a uVAX for a while before selling it off at a
pretty nice profit.  (they were ~$5K in '89-90)

Yet another bit of hardware that I kick myself for not keeping around..


Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas USA

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