[rescue] Sun equipment available in Ann Arbor, Michigan

ROBERT HARRINGTON rharr at me.com
Tue Apr 15 15:52:10 CDT 2014

Hi All,

    I am disposing of older Sun equipment.  For peripherals I will
list the enclosure box as identified on the label.  The size is nominally as
follows: 411 10 1/2" long by 9 5/8" wide by 3" high.  The 811 has the same
length and width as the 411 but is 4 5/8" high; the 911 is similar only 5 7/8"
high.  The interface is SCSI 1 (narrow SCSI) with a connector frequently
identified as HDB50.  The 411, 811 and 911 box would be suitable for IPXs and
Sparcstation 20 type machines.
    The 611 box is 12 1/4" long by 7 1/2" wide
by 2 7/8" high and has a 68pin SCSI (wide SCSI) connector suitable for some
later model like the UltraSparc 2 line.
    I don't have a complete list of
everything.  But I took a quick look today and here is some of the items that
are available:

IPX (lunchbox) more than 5
SparcStation 5 more than 3
SparcStation 10 at least 1
SparcStation 20 more than 2
411 box with CD more
than 5
811 box with DDS tape (unknown DDS type) more than 2
911 box for 4 disc
drives (0 to 4 disks) more than 3
411 box older 1/4" tape at least 1
611 box
611 box DDS tape (unknown DDS type) more than 2
UltraSparc 2 more than 3
Sun CRTs and other Sun related stuff
There are also multiple Dell desktops
(probable early pentiums)

    I plan on being at the storage facility from
1pm to 5pm Wed (tomorrow), Thu 4/17, Fri 4/18, Wed 4/23, Thu 4/24 and Fri
4/25.  If you are interested in picking up any of this equipment please email
me and I can provide the address in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a phone number so
you can contact me.  I an unable to ship anything at this time.  I am not
expecting any money for this hardware.  Sometime in the future I hope to offer
other sun items for sale and shipping would be possible.


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