[rescue] Next up on the bench...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 16:19:22 CDT 2014

An Integrix RS450, which sports some interesting ports - like two PS/2 ports
(keyboard & mouse) AND a sun keyboard connection.

Also, this server has a framebuffer with VGA output. I'm going to tackle this
tonight, anyone LOCAL to NJ area interested in this beastie? It could be
described as an E450-class machine with PCI slots and non-standard RAM. It
uses 'standard' U2/30/60/80 CPUs. It's a big heavy table-top system.

A quick power-up shows one 300 MHz CPU, 1 gig if RAM and a dead IDPROM...

It self-identifies as an UltraAX-MP WorkServer.

Anyone interested? I can stuff it with additional 300 MHz CPUs, but the RAM
looks odd...

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