[rescue] Can't stop myself - v240 note

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sat Apr 12 12:42:29 CDT 2014

RE: VCF East and Sun

Doh, I don't know why I said Ultra 60, yes, it's an Ultra 10 (sitting right
next to the other Ultra 10 here in my office!)
Another, THANKs for dropping it off at VCF East!   I think I had the
smallest amount of stuff in the Yellow Freightliner even with
that addition.   I'm trying to decide what to merge between the two boxes,
but I think I'm going to put it downstairs with
the home automation system I'm pulling together.   Maybe make it the front
end proxy (esp with the Quad ethernet!)
I still owe you at least a frosty beverage, so if you make it down to VCF
SE, you've got a place to stay and a beverage :-)
(that's open to other rescuers as well, as long as I have space and you let
me know you're coming, we'll see what we can
do to put you up for VCF SE weekend)   Hopefully I helped cut down a very
small amount of the machines to be shipped. :-)

> I can't stop myself - I poked around eBay and found a seller with four
> packs
> of PC2700R 2 Gig Registrred a ECC RAM for $25.95/each 4 pack (8 Gigs RAM
> per
> kit)... So of course, I had to get two and max out my v240...

So, after all that talk over dinner about "downsizing" for the move wore
off already? :-) :-) :-)
At least it's something small :-)


I've got a box of SCSI terminators of various speed/kinds/flavors and
and the like.   I can offer some to the SCSI gods for you if you need some.

I've got a Sun T1 105 server available here in central NJ, anyone
> interested? It is the 110v version, so no power worries...

I'm glad you didn't offer this in NJ while I was there... I actually have
more rack
space available than the desk side space.. and I definitely would have been
tempted... (oh, no, if he comes down, he'll probably bring it :-) :-) ;-) )
Oh, wait, Cory is interested, I'm safe at least 'til he finds a 2nd one...

So, how many days til move date?


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