[rescue] VCF East (and upcoming VCF SE!!)

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 19:36:17 CDT 2014

I had a great time at VCF 9.1, and considering heading down to Atlanta for
their event.

What struck me was:

A) Seeing examples of most of the early computers I used to own (OSI
SuperBoard II, SYM 1, Dec Pro-350, and others...

B) There were a surprising number of PDP-8s there - I think I caught
something, I've been tinkering with the WinEight emulator for
sparetimegizmos.com, got it to run BASIC programs & working on getting my
hands on a replica (SB6120)...

C) The variety of stuff on consignment was anazing - reminded me of TCF of
old, writ small...

D) Saw a beautiful memeo-1 Apple 1 clone, had a nice time with the fellow that
researched/rebuilt the Apple 1... I spent some time with him on Sunday, we
started sinking with a TRS-80 he hoped to revive - I was happy to share my
knowledge of them with him.

As far as the consignment sale went, I brought 2 systems and left with
neither. The MacPlus with Hyperdrive went for $10 and the PiwerMac all-in-one
5400/180 was handed to an interested person as I carried it out the door when
it didn't sell (for $10)... It was in great cosmetic shape, and I couldn't
bring myself to scrap it.

And Earl, you asked for (and got) an Ultra 10 with all the trimmings... You
had no interest/space for any of my Ultra 1, 2, 5, or 60 systems in my car...

I 'd go back next year, but I won't be local...


> On Apr 10, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
> Folks,
> If you didn't get a chance to head to VCF East 9.1, see if you can find
> time to hit VCF SE down in the Atlanta area.
> I had a chance to finally meet Lionel (after "knowing him" for years...)
> and he pointed out to me that Sridhar was also there
> Had a great time chatting with them both (though with ALL of the neat stuff
> to do/checkout/see I didn't have as much time
> as I would have).   Sridhar was displaying right down the row from us with
> the AHCS (Atlanta Historic Computing Society)
> and we had an Intelec 4/40 that can connect to the internet (a pretty neat
> trick for a 4004).   We got some Hack-a-day shirts for that.
> (and I also hauled one of Lionel's U60s away for him, so one less machine
> the basement....hey, how did you do in the consignment area??)
> (BTW, Sridhar, the SGI I'm looking for is a 4D/35 :-)  ... I said I'd send
> the model, now have :-) )
> VCF SE is May 3rd and 4th.    Check out vintage.org for details.... (or
> mail me, be happy to share any info and answer questions!)
> And then, after the show, I saw a picture linked from CCTalk, which had
> Sridhar, Dave McG and Ethan.  And I realized that, if
> I'm matching pictures correctly, I spoke to Ethan some in the speaker tent
> and didn't realized it was him!   Geeze.   Ethan
> I was the guy in the Braves hat (with the Red Converse Chuck Taylors) so
> let me know if that was you who I was talking to...
> With Sheldon's passing, it seem appropriate to suggest that if you have an
> opportunity to meet in person (and chat, laugh
> and share a few cold ones... as Lionel and I did....) it's definitely worth
> taking the time.    And getting to see a bunch of neat
> vintage computers (trust me, we have some very neat stuff...) makes it even
> sweeter...
> 'later
> Earl
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