[rescue] VCF East (and upcoming VCF SE!!)

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Apr 10 13:08:45 CDT 2014


If you didn't get a chance to head to VCF East 9.1, see if you can find
time to hit VCF SE down in the Atlanta area.
I had a chance to finally meet Lionel (after "knowing him" for years...)
and he pointed out to me that Sridhar was also there
Had a great time chatting with them both (though with ALL of the neat stuff
to do/checkout/see I didn't have as much time
as I would have).   Sridhar was displaying right down the row from us with
the AHCS (Atlanta Historic Computing Society)
and we had an Intelec 4/40 that can connect to the internet (a pretty neat
trick for a 4004).   We got some Hack-a-day shirts for that.
(and I also hauled one of Lionel's U60s away for him, so one less machine
the basement....hey, how did you do in the consignment area??)

(BTW, Sridhar, the SGI I'm looking for is a 4D/35 :-)  ... I said I'd send
the model, now have :-) )

VCF SE is May 3rd and 4th.    Check out vintage.org for details.... (or
mail me, be happy to share any info and answer questions!)

And then, after the show, I saw a picture linked from CCTalk, which had
Sridhar, Dave McG and Ethan.  And I realized that, if
I'm matching pictures correctly, I spoke to Ethan some in the speaker tent
and didn't realized it was him!   Geeze.   Ethan
I was the guy in the Braves hat (with the Red Converse Chuck Taylors) so
let me know if that was you who I was talking to...

With Sheldon's passing, it seem appropriate to suggest that if you have an
opportunity to meet in person (and chat, laugh
and share a few cold ones... as Lionel and I did....) it's definitely worth
taking the time.    And getting to see a bunch of neat
vintage computers (trust me, we have some very neat stuff...) makes it even



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