[rescue] From the Basement: Sparcbook bits and SS5/20, U1/2/5/10/30/60 systems available

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 21:43:46 CDT 2014

Hello all,

Today I have a Sparcbook Ethernet adapter cable, it goes from the on-board
Ethernet port to an AUI connector, with a 10base-T transceiver - it
connects to the Sparcbook via a connector that looks like the connector
used to attach SS10/SS20 speaker boxes.

I also have a reprint of the Sparcbook owners manual, from the 3GX series

I'd like to offer them to anyone interested as a set (cable, transceiver,
and manual) for $5 plus actual shipping... If interested, please contact me

I also have several Ultra 5/10s, Ultra 1, 2, U30/60s, and a coupler older
boxes (SS20, SS5, and an Xterminal1) that I'd like to be rid of - shipping
is out of the question (for whole systems, possible if only looking for
parts), and I can drive a few hours outside of Trenton, NJ to deliver/meet
half way if you are interested in any of them. It would be great if someone
would take a few of these systems off my hands this weekend, I'm trying to
make space and not send them off to the scrapper. If need be, I can sit on
them for a few days/week or two to accommodate your schedule.

The IDPROMS in most systems are shot, but not in all.


Lionel4287 at gmail.com

Lionel Peterson
lionel4287 at gmail.com

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