[rescue] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

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Mon Apr 7 16:51:41 CDT 2014

> It looks like Shel beat WinXP to EOL!

This is...well, I find "sad" is the only word I have, but it's _way_
too weak.  This crazy little hobby of ours is still small enough that
everyone we lose is truly felt.


[John Carr]
> Is it ok to laugh at the first sentence, or is that too soon?

I'd say this is much too serious to not laugh about.  But then, for all
that I'm not really in their mainstream, I have definite Discordian
streak, so that might be just me.

[back to Eric]
> Thank you all for your thoughts and keeping my father entertained and
> educated over the years.

If thanks are owed, I think they go the other way.  Your father was
definitely not part of the precipitate here; he is and will be missed.

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