[rescue] Old PC Gear (was: RE: rescue Digest, Vol 137, Issue 1)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Wed Apr 2 22:07:41 CDT 2014


> What is the "obsolete PC gear"?  I know some folk who might 
> be interested if your son would be willing to ship (I'd pay 
> of course) Esp if it's like original 8 bit IBM PC type stuff...

It's obsolete, but not historic, I'm afraid.

The only piece that might be interesting from the historic standpoint is an
AT-class Compaq luggable.  It's not the "original" model, it's a later one.
The original HD crapped out, of course, and has been replaced with a
bootable SCSI controller and disk.  Cosmetically, it's OK, though not
perfect.  It booted the last time I tried it, but that's probably been6 or 7
years.  It weighs about 25 pounds.

Otherwise, there's ...

A Compaq 486 laptop.  Runs WfWg 3.11, has a Xircom parallel-port Ethernet
adapter.  Batteries shot.  Booted last time I tried it, many years ago.

2 Dell mini-towers.  Celeron 600.  One has a RAID card.

Compaq desktop.  1 GHz processor.

Several large plastic bins of PCI cards, chassis parts, software, etc.

In addition, there are some serial breakout arrangements; some DEC w/MMJ,
some Hostess, that let you attach multiple serial devices to a PC.  The DEC
stuff is EISA bus, the Hostess is ISA.

I'm hesitant to sign my son up for shipping duties, but if any of it appeals
to you, we can get it to the UPS store and let them handle it.  Won't be
cheap, though.


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