[rescue] Apple 2 Serial Card needed.

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat Sep 28 13:29:19 CDT 2013


The subject says it all. I have a ton of data on an old Apple 2 I'd
like to get off of it. I tried ADTPro using the audio/tape ports on an
Apple ][e but I could never get it dialed-in correctly. In all
honesty, I just want the ASCII content out of a bunch of word
processing files; I don't need to transfer disk images. I figure if I
can "print" those documents over a serial port, through a null-modem
cable and into another system I can capture the ASCII as a text file
and be done with it.

Does anyone have one laying around that could be put to good use?

Thank you!

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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