[rescue] Spud drive trays?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Sep 23 12:22:34 CDT 2013

> All,
> I'm looking for some half-height spud drive trays for Sun disks. All I
> have are full height. This allows me one disk in a V480 and NONE in a
> V240. Anyone have some collecting dust on a shelf?
> --
> -Jon
> Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

Are these full trays, or just the "spuds" for drives? (I believe Sun used
the same spud (from lock, side rails) for machines from the Ultra 2 (at
least) on.

I've got a big bag of them...and the screws that were used to attach (from
Sun drive arrays).    I'm in the Atlanta area... contact me off list if you
still need


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