[rescue] Sun 4/40 External HDD SCSI timeout

Giuseppe Francesco INDELLI indelli at unict.it
Tue Sep 3 02:55:24 CDT 2013

Hi All,

I have a Sun 4/40, SPARCstation IPC, equipped with two 207MB HDD SCSI 
configured as follows:

Target  0 (internal disk)
Unit 0        Disk        QUANTUM PD210S        SUN0207492W0492W2SS

Target  3 (external disk)
Unit 0        Disk        CONNER CP30200        SUN020742349229P9BRV

At SPARCstation power on, the system hangs during booting just after the 
following line:

esp0:    Target 0 now Synchronous at 3.572 mb/s max transmit rate

The system hangs in the line above for about one minute, then the 
following line message appears:

esp0:    polled command timeout

Then the system rebooting automatically.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards


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