[rescue] Looking for Mac OS X Leopard CDs/DVDs

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Mon Sep 2 19:39:39 CDT 2013

Having replaced the bad motherboard on my wife's old PowerBook G4 Aluminum I
reinstalled it with 10.4.11 but would like to upgrade it to 10.5.8 (at least)
in order to run some additional software (yeah...I could buy a new Mac but I
don't want to - I want to retask this one - perhaps give it to one of my kids
for school.  I fixed this one because of the challenge of getting it
done...besides I hate to see old equipment that still has SOME life left in it
just get tossed...it's so wasteful!).  Does anyone have a copy of the Mac OS X
Leopard CDs/DVDs that they're willing to part with?

Ido Dubrawsky
Network Security Architect/Consultant

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