[rescue] Sun 3/60 SCSI

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 1 16:39:02 CDT 2013

I hate to ask the obvious, but what device is supplying termpwr?  If the
terminator isn't lighting up, I'm guessing the host HBA is not.  If the 3/60
doesn't or can't provide termpwr, something else needs to be set to do it.
Maybe jumper the device in the 411 to provide it?  This can be dangerous if
you forget and hook it up to another SCSI bus later that already has termpwr

Good luck,

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> Hi all,
> I have a Sun 3/60 and I hooked up a terminated 411 box with a Sun D-50
> to HD-50 cable and a Sun terminator. The LED on the terminator does not
> come on when I power on the machine. I did some diagnostics using the
> loopback connector mentioned in Sun3Arc.org and I get an error message
> (see the end of the test output). The other tests (b,c,s and u) all are
> ok...its the external loopback test that I have problems with. I know
> its not the cable, because it works on another machine. Someone
> mentioned that I might have a faulty fuse, but both of the two fuses on
> the board are ok (checked continuity).
> Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
> -Kurt

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