[rescue] Sun 3/60 SCSI issues

Kurt M. Nowak kurt.m.nowak at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 01:48:02 CDT 2013

Hi all,

I have a Sun 3/60 and I hooked up a terminated 411 box with a Sun D-50 
to HD-50 cable and a Sun terminator. The LED on the terminator does not 
come on when I power on the machine. I did some diagnostics using the 
loopback connector mentioned in Sun3Arc.org and I get an error message 
(see the end of the test output). The other tests (b,c,s and u) all are 
ok...its the external loopback test that I have problems with. I know 
its not the cable, because it works on another machine. Someone 
mentioned that I might have a faulty fuse, but both of the two fuses on 
the board are ok (checked continuity).
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Boot PROM Monitor Commands

a [digit]                               | Open CPU Addr Reg (0-7)
b [dev([cntrl],[unit],[part])]          | Boot a file
c [addr]                                | Continue program at Addr
d [digit]                               | Open CPU Data Reg (0-7)
e [addr]                                | Open Addr as 16 bit word
f beg_addr end_addr pattn [size]        | Fill Memory
g [addr]                                | Go to Addr
h                                       | Help Menu
k [number]                              | Reset (0)CPU, (1)MMU, (2)System
l [addr]                                | Open Addr as 32 bit long
m [addr]                                | Open Segment Map
o [addr]                                | Open Addr as 8 bit byte
p [addr]                                | Open Page Map
q [addr]                                | Open EEPROM
r                                       | Open CPU Regs (i.e. PC)
s [digit]                               | Set/Query Function Code (0-7)
t [y/n/c]                               | Trace: Yes/No/Continue
u [arg]                                 | Select Console Device
v beg_addr end_addr [size]              | Display Memory
w [addr] [string]                       | Vector
x                                       | Extended Diag Tests
z [addr]                                | Set Breakpoint


Extended Test Menu:  (Enter 'q' to return to Monitor)

Cmd -  Test

   ae - Ethernet Test
   kb - Keyboard Input Test
   me - Memory Test
   mk - Mouse/Keyboard Ports Test
   rs - Serial Ports Test
   sd - SCSI Disk Bootpath Test
   si - SCSI Interface Test
   st - SCSI Tape Bootpath Test
   vm - Video (Monochrome) Test
   vc - Video (Color) Test
   ve - Video Enable Plane Test
   cm - Color Map Test
   vo - Video Overlay Plane Test


SCSI Interface Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Cmd -  Test

   b - SCSI Byte Ctr Wr/Rd Test
   c - SCSI CS Reg Wr/Rd Test
   s - SBC Chip Wr/Rd Test
   u - 9516 UDC Chip Wr/Rd Test
   x - SCSI Bus External Loopback Test


Test Options: (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Cmd  -  Option

  f   -  Loop forever
  h   -  Loop forever with Halt on error
  l   -  Loop once with Loop on error
  n   -  Loop forever with error messages inhibited
<cr> -  Loop once


SCSI Loopback Error: all signals shld be off(high) exp 0, obs 80
SCSI Loopback Error: Signals:ACK,BSY,SEL,ATN,REQ,MSG,C/D,I/O: exp F0, obs 90
SCSI Loopback Error: Signals:ACK,BSY,SEL,ATN,REQ,MSG,C/D,I/O: exp F, obs C2
Test failed during pass 1.  Total errors = 1.

SCSI Interface Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

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