[rescue] Vax source code

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Fri Oct 11 10:04:51 CDT 2013

 > I have a flatbed scanner that can do 8.5"x14" at 300dpi (actually, the
 > max is 300 dpi one way and 600 dpi the other); if that's good enough to
 > be useful, I can scan the 'fiche if someone can get it to me.  (I don't
 > recall exactly how large print is on the 'fiche, but I do recall being
 > able to read it without magnification, albeit at a bit of a strain.)
 > I'm not afraid of a little tedium, and since I'd probably be doing
 > between four and eight sheets per scan, that's all it would be.  At
 > worst it'd mean multiple scanning sessions.

Far too little resolution.  Whole characters are going to be on the
order of 0.1 mm wide.  You'd need, what, 5-10 pixels per character width
to make them readable?  300 dpi will give you _1_ pixel per character.
Googling, I see some folks claiming to get usable results with hacked up
setups at 2400 to 4800 dpi.  At least some of them report having to mask
off individual images on a fiche to get usable scans, though I suspect
that manually setting the scan density might solve that problem.


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