[rescue] What happened? Where did all the Free Solaris software go?

David Brownlee abs at absd.org
Sat Nov 23 10:28:15 CST 2013

Does SmartOS/illumos run on the V240? There are a few binary packages
available (over 10,000 last count :) -

On that note there seem to be some (slightly old) Solaris 9 sparc
packages at http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/SunOS/sparc/5.9_current/

On 23 November 2013 16:07, Jonathan Katz <jon at jonworld.com> wrote:
> All,
> What happened to all the free package sites for Solaris? Blastwave,
> gone. Sunfreeware, requires subscription, etc, etc. What the heck,
> people? What else is still out there?
> I have a V240 that is rescued; I'm about to install it with mirrored
> 36G disks and Solaris 9. The goal is two-fold; one, a proxy server
> that my kids' desktop computers will go through (likely squid with
> allowed/denied list) and an internal Minecraft server for them. I'll
> probably allow "public access" for friends with other kids so we can
> network together, etc. The kids won't have root, and won't know to
> change proxy settings, etc (especially since they're only 6 and 7) so
> I'm not too worried about any kind of circumvention. Plus, I'm a
> SIEM/log management guy these days, so any kind of system changes,
> etc, and I'll be alerted :)
> Bottom line is, where, if anywhere, can I get those old free packages?
> Or, should I go OpenSXCE?
> --
> -Jon
> Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.
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