[rescue] What happened? Where did all the Free Solaris software go?

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat Nov 23 10:07:23 CST 2013


What happened to all the free package sites for Solaris? Blastwave,
gone. Sunfreeware, requires subscription, etc, etc. What the heck,
people? What else is still out there?

I have a V240 that is rescued; I'm about to install it with mirrored
36G disks and Solaris 9. The goal is two-fold; one, a proxy server
that my kids' desktop computers will go through (likely squid with
allowed/denied list) and an internal Minecraft server for them. I'll
probably allow "public access" for friends with other kids so we can
network together, etc. The kids won't have root, and won't know to
change proxy settings, etc (especially since they're only 6 and 7) so
I'm not too worried about any kind of circumvention. Plus, I'm a
SIEM/log management guy these days, so any kind of system changes,
etc, and I'll be alerted :)

Bottom line is, where, if anywhere, can I get those old free packages?
Or, should I go OpenSXCE?

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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