[rescue] Sparcstation 10s need a new home

mw at awia.us mw at awia.us
Mon Nov 18 12:56:08 CST 2013

It's time to renovate the attic, and the old Sun equipment stored up there
is up for grabs: Two Sparcstation 10s, one of which worked when last
checked a few years ago, the other was intended for spare parts; external
CD drive, an old Sun monitor which lit up but didn't have a good picture,
and several spare HDD caddies.  And maybe a keyboard/mouse, there are too
many old monitors and TVs in the way to see.

Location is central Iowa.  No charge for equipment, only for the cost of
shipping, but best option would be F2F pickup.

Email:  mw at awia.us (but replies will come from a different address).

I'm hoping that listing them here will avoid resellers, I'd rather all
this equipment (except the monitor, which would be understandable) went to
a hobbyist.

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