[rescue] Free Dell PE 1855/1955 chassis with 1855 & 1955 blades, spares, etc...

Mark G Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Tue Nov 12 16:05:13 CST 2013


This is near Plymouth Meeting, PA. Free for local pick up! Shipping is
not an option.

I've got a Dell PE 1855/1955 chassis with 1855 & 1955 blades. I have a dozen
or more 1855 blades for it, plus I think maybe three 1955 blades. It includes
four installed power supplies plus a spare, a kvm module and a spare, a pair 
of DRAC modules, and a pair of gigabit switch modules. It all works fine and
has recent firmware and default Dell passwords. I migrated to a VM 
environment, first on the 1955 blades, then now on other servers entirely. 
The blades are a mixture of 2.8 and 3.0 GHz Intel, most with both CPUs.
I'll also include the dongle to plug a keyboard, monitor, and USB into 
the front connector on an individual blade.

I make no promises about who gets it if I receive multiple responses. I'll 
try to honor whoever can commit to getting it first, but no promises.

I'll include drive brackets, but no drives are included unless you can
make me an offer to compensate me for my time & effort individually 
erasing SCA drives. I have a lot of 36GB and maybe a few larger 15k 
drives that were in this. I might also be able to find some 75GB 2.5"
SAS drives for the 1955s -- no promises though. There is a limited amount 
of memory included, since I reused a lot of the memory in the replacement 

Please be aware that the power supplies require 200-240V and the entire
unit is probably on the order of 200lbs unless you pull the blades and 
power supplies out and handle them all separately. You can run it off just 
one or two supplies, depending on how many blades are installed and what 
level of redundancy you are comfortable with.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com)

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