[rescue] Sun E450 - 'CPU Fan 2 Failure' but not failed

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Nov 11 18:34:32 CST 2013

    On Mon, 11 Nov 2013, Greg Jurman wrote:

> Yup, I have a couple from Mouser on the way (TI Part Number:
> SN74ACT04DR). It was very wise of Sun to put that sacrificial (though
> not intentionally sacrificial) buffer there.

    I must say, that in this day of 16-layer PC boards and sub-
millimetre land-spacing on chips, *that* was a tour-de-force
of visual sleuthing.  I'd have given up after 'scoping the
output of the fans!  Well done!

    In my defence, though, I was able to discern a failled surface-
mount capacitor by nose on the underside of a dead motherboard on
an SGI Indy once (although those days are likely long gone by).

    In short: ROCK! BLOODY! ON!

> In other news, Solaris is very happy and no longer giving me grief
> about the fans.

    That's awesome news, and thanks for sharing it.


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