[rescue] Sun E450 - 'CPU Fan 2 Failure' but not failed

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Nov 10 07:24:10 CST 2013

" From: Greg Jurman <jurman.greg at gmail.com>
" I just acquired a E450 that is running fine except for the

dows your box have wheels?  would you like some?

i rescued an e450 server last spring - fully loaded with triple ps and
20 disks [only 18g but all seagates] - and as it weighs almost 200 lbs
i quickly decided.  noting that the bottom was already drilled/tapped
clinched it.

i don't know what the sun kit for this was, but a little trolling
showed that the holes are a std pattern and a little quality time with
the internet located an ebay store with some 3" good for 120 lbs each,
about $25/4 with locks, good for all floors and carpets.  they look to
be good quality and are american made.  i can dig the info out if you

right after that my isp announced they were going dark in a few wks
and i dropped everything to find hosting replacements.  i'm still
trying to get back to it.
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