[rescue] Some thoughts on our hobby..

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Nov 8 21:36:44 CST 2013

>   Thirty years or so ago I bought an Atari "Middle Earth" pinball
> machine for about three or for hundred dollars (quite honestly, I
> forget the precise amount), and I bought it because I enjoyed the

Ah cool!

>   I've got no clue what it's "worth" today, but maybe my heirs will
> find out.  That, and I still need to do a code analysis on the ROMs.
> We are talking history here (1978 or thereabouts).

The really high valued ones seem to be the mid-90's to late 90's Williams 
/ Bally machines. Titles like Medevil Madness and Cactus Canyon. Some rare 
ones like Big Bang Bar.

There are still a lot of new pinballs coming out, and a lot of home buyers 
pay the $6000-9000 for some of the limited edition ones.

One of the machines, Wizard of Oz, runs Ubuntu Linux on it :-) Has a SATA 
SSD inside and everything.

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