[rescue] Free DEC kit in London, UK, by 12th November.

Ten Yen tenyen at tenyen.net
Mon Nov 4 11:35:37 CST 2013


X Stiphane Tsacas <[2013-11-03 22:48] :
> I'm sending you my soldiers, Liam and Peter since I'm across the Channel.
> Stiphane

haven't heard from them yet.  I've replied to everyone whose mailed me
so far, so if you have mailed and haven't heard from me check your spam
folders and/or try me @gmail.  

looks like the cards in the chassis will definitely get rescued, and
the list may get a second chance to grab them depending on who takes them,

more than a couple of takers for the MicroVax 2000 client / server pair.

one or two possibilities for a DECstation or two, but nothing convincing yet.

I'm definitely still open to offers (the more you can take, ASAP the better). .


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