[rescue] DEC kit available in London, UK, if your quick.

Ten Yen tenyen at tenyen.net
Sun Nov 3 16:37:40 CST 2013


so there is this stuff:
BA213 skunk box containing many cards
including a ?3500? and a II (don't power it up until you've configured
the system you want!) and a MicroVax 2000 client / server pair with a

safe in a basement. . . 

and under a tarp since this evening (its raining hard ;/ but we 
needed to compromise for a weeks grace) :

PMAX DECstations (3100 and 5100) and other random crap (3100 style
storage expansion boxes, LAT terminal servers etc. G3 mac)

till tuesday when it will be thrown out.  you'd make some
old hoarders happy (and save a trip to the dump) if you can
pick them up ASAP.

some photos:



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