[rescue] Sun RAM Available

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sun May 26 12:43:37 CDT 2013


This is FFS from 46219.

2 kits of 501-2479, which are 2x16M sticks of RAM for SS20/Ultra1, etc. So a
total of four 16M sticks, or 2x 32M kits.

2 kits of 380-3797, which are 2x32M sticks of RAM for Ultra5/10s. A total of
four 32M sticks aka 2x 64M kits.

1 kit of .? (no real Sun P/N.) These are 2x64M sticks of RAM for a Sun AXi
board. From Viking, p/n VE8721B8EN-SN01.


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