[rescue] free sparc/usparc systems, 19" rack, parts

Ross Lonstein ross-sunhelp at lonsteins.com
Sat May 18 17:07:27 CDT 2013

Everything located in 12203 or 10032. I travel along the NYS Thruway
and the Route 4/17 and Pallisades corridors of Northern NJ

I'm cleaning out the closet and want to give these a home:
 - Sun SparcStation 5/170MHz
 - Tatung SparcStation 20 clone (4x75MHz?)
 - Sun Ultra 1e
 - Sun Ultra 2 (2x400MHz)
 - Sun Ultra 60 (2x450MHz, Elite 3d)
 - Ultra 5 (360MHz?)
I haven't fired them up recently so specs are from memory but all are
maxed- or nearly maxed-out and in very good cosmetic shape except for
the Tatung which has a loose faceplate.

I also have a box of assorted sbus cards, mbus cards, and dimms. I
have another box of miscellaneous PC parts and various cables. And
there is a Baystack 303 switch, a Cisco 2900XL, and a WYSE-55
terminal. A DAT drive and a Dell VS80 DLT.

I have a full-height 19" rack on locking casters equipped with two
ventilated shelves that I would like someone to save from the
scrappers. No identifying marks but it's heavy steel with a dark beige
powder coat. You'll have to pick this one up in 12203, it won't fit in
my car.

Email me off-list.

- Ross

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