[rescue] Systems for rescue/Hamvention

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon May 13 17:59:49 CDT 2013

pat at computer-refuge.org wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have three machines available for pickup either from West Lafayette, 
>IN (zip 47906) for free or I can haul them with me to Dayton for 
>Hamvention at the end of the week for a small fee. :)
>First, an Encore Multimax.  It's a 2-rack system (~5ft tall racks) that
>run a MACH-based Unix, has a few NS32332 (IIRC) processors, and 128MB
>RAM.  The 2nd cab has a 9 track tape drive and a few 8" hard drives.  
>I've never tried booting it, and have no idea if it works.

That is a really cool looking system. I wish I had a large space for the sorts of machines that measure size in units of racks. I don't see that many machines offered that make me actively wish that, bit this Ia's one.

>me at booth # FE4059-4060.  I will have some PC systems, possibly some 
>racks, some IBM p510/p55As, spare VAX-11/780 power supplies, Commodore 
>Amiga 500s, and other random goodies.

So what do A500s go for these days?
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