[rescue] Systems for rescue/Hamvention

pat at computer-refuge.org pat at computer-refuge.org
Mon May 13 15:56:31 CDT 2013

Hi all,

I have three machines available for pickup either from West Lafayette, 
IN (zip 47906) for free or I can haul them with me to Dayton for 
Hamvention at the end of the week for a small fee. :)

First, an Encore Multimax.  It's a 2-rack system (~5ft tall racks) that 
run a MACH-based Unix, has a few NS32332 (IIRC) processors, and 128MB of 
RAM.  The 2nd cab has a 9 track tape drive and a few 8" hard drives.  
I've never tried booting it, and have no idea if it works.

Second, I have a Purple "Test rack" SGI Onyx (the Onyx version of the 
Challenge XL).  I don't remember the specs, and IIRC, the video boards 
in it cause it to not boot, but it mostly worked the last time I touched 
it, probably 8 years ago.

Both of these will get scrapped if they're not claimed and picked 
up/delivered by the end of the month.

My last machine is a Sun E10k.  I have plenty of spare parts, and it 
booted once, but had some problems with its SSP, which means it may take 
some minimal effort to get working.  Unlike the other two systems, this 
one is heavy, and I'm not going to offer to drive it to Dayton.  If not 
picked up in 2 weeks, it'll also get scrapped.  I'm moving out of the 
space where it's currently housed, so these dates are pretty firm.

I'm going to have a vendor space in Dayton again this year, so look for 
me at booth # FE4059-4060.  I will have some PC systems, possibly some 
racks, some IBM p510/p55As, spare VAX-11/780 power supplies, Commodore 
Amiga 500s, and other random goodies.

Patrick Finnegan

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