[rescue] FREE: IBM 9111-285 POWER5+ in Raleigh, NC

Stephen Conley cheetah at tanabi.org
Sun May 12 17:54:37 CDT 2013

Hey guys;

I have an IBM 9111-285 POWER5+ located in Raleigh, NC.  It is,
unfortunately, not in a bootable state -- I think the power supply is
bad, though I have very little to go on and it's a difficult machine
to diagnose.


* 4 GB RAM

* Power5+ Processor -- not sure what speed but I think it was 2.1GHz

* HARDWARE RAID CARD -- this is in all caps because these machines
don't usually have 'em and it's something of a rare find :)  Note that
IBM's hardware raid is a big finnicky piece of crap and the drives you
put in the raid MUST MATCH EXACTLY.  Same block count, same cyl and
sectors, same everything.  It's really annoying.  Takes SCA SCSI
drives, up to 8 of them.

* EXTRA BACKPLANE CARD -- another rare find.  Usually this machine has
only 1 backplane for the disks, which means 4 disk capacity.  This
machine is set up for all 8 dis.

* ALL DRIVE CADDIES -- these were AMAZINGLY hard to find, this machine
has all 8 "drive caddies" or SPUD-equivalents.

* Video card

* DVD ROM (or is it a CD ROM?  It's whatver is stock with the machine)

* AIX installation media -- I have it somewhere, I'll have to dig it
out, but I think I have AIX 6 for it.

I have some disks, but not enough matching ones to fill the RAID.  I
think I have 6 matching?  I don't remember, I'll gather them up if
someone's interested.

This is all absolutely free -- I am moving and have no desire to deal
with this machine anymore.  It was kind of a money pit for me.  I
found all those rare (and expensive) parts, put it all together, and
then the power supply died on me due to a brown out.  The machine
wasn't on a UPS yet because I was still configuring it.  Now I just
don't want to deal with it anymore -- it's been in pieces in my office
for about a year now, and I don't want to move this heavy monster to
my next location.

THE CAVEAT: I'm not willing to ship it.  This thing is HEAVY, dear God
is it heavy.  I'm also unwilling to drive it very far ... really
prefer someone come pick it up.

Please email me if interested.



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