[rescue] Seeking early Sun Pizzabox systems

Oliver Cromwell vintagehacker at gmail.com
Fri May 10 01:02:14 CDT 2013

Thanks.  It really seems like that is whats happening.  I was surprised to
see the diskless 2/50 go for $400 (+150 shipping).  Since I am local I
could have avoided the shipping charge.  Are they really that rare?

I might have bid more had I known..  kind of thought a diskless system
couldn't possibly be worth that much.  Guess I was proven wrong.  There
were also some SunOS tapes that sold for over $120..  another example.

I'd be interested in original SunOS tapes as well if anyone wants to part
with them.  :)  I already have a lot of the tape image files that are on
the various sites online.


On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 1:36 PM, mc68010 <mc68010 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5/9/2013 1:06 PM, Oliver Cromwell wrote:
>> Hello rescuers..
>> I am trying to add to my early Sun collection (which today consists
>> primarily of Sparcstation 2's up to 20's).  I want to add early Sun 2 & 3
>> Pizzabox and desktop configurations and also Sparcstation 1 or 1+ options.
>>   Specifically I'd love to acquire any of the below..
>> Sparcstation 1 (Sun 4/60)
>> Sparcstation 1+ (Sun 4/65)
>> Sun 3/50
>> Sun 3/60
>> Sun 3/80
>> Sun 3/140
>> Sun 2/50 (one just sold on eBay for $400 - is that really what these are
>> going for)?
>> Sun 1/100 (are any of these in existence)?
> You should probably expect to pay a lot for anything Sun 2 and even more
> for Sun 1. There are a couple hardcore early Sun collectors hunting ebay
> that will pay as much as it takes to get them. I suspect the 2/50 went to
> one of them. I saw a Sun 1 multibus cpu card for $600 a few years ago. Not
> even a whole sun 1. Just the cpu card. A compete Sun 1 is probably going to
> go for a mess.  Sun 3 stuff can still be had fairly cheap but, shipping
> will kill you on Sun 3 stuff. They weigh a ton. You can still actually find
> Sun 3 stuff for free but, if it ain't local it really isn't free. It's like
> $75 to ship a 3/60 anywhere. Freight for any of the VME servers.
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