[rescue] Seeking early Sun Pizzabox systems

Oliver Cromwell vintagehacker at gmail.com
Thu May 9 15:06:34 CDT 2013

Hello rescuers..

I am trying to add to my early Sun collection (which today consists
primarily of Sparcstation 2's up to 20's).  I want to add early Sun 2 & 3
Pizzabox and desktop configurations and also Sparcstation 1 or 1+ options.
 Specifically I'd love to acquire any of the below..

Sparcstation 1 (Sun 4/60)
Sparcstation 1+ (Sun 4/65)
Sun 3/50
Sun 3/60
Sun 3/80
Sun 3/140
Sun 2/50 (one just sold on eBay for $400 - is that really what these are
going for)?
Sun 1/100 (are any of these in existence)?

I'm not expecting them for free.. but if you are interested please let me
know what you think you would want.  I'm located in the SF Bay Area but
willing to pay shipping as well.



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