[rescue] Ultra 60 RAM installed backwards

Eric J itssciencefriction at gmail.com
Wed May 8 14:05:01 CDT 2013

> Are you sure they are in backwards and not just some cheap ones that
> didn't use gold contacts and got corroded and are now stuck? I've
> actually seen that on some older SGI's.  In that case, you'll need
> contact cleaner, a small flat head screw driver, a steady hand, and a
> fair amount of patients.

I did manage to get them out. They weren't backwards after all,
somehow they got in there so tight - not even corroded, the contacts
are gold - that the levers wouldn't lift them out. Now the system
won't boot with any RAM configuration (I have 4x32, 4x64, and 4x128
modules that came installed, and 8x128 that I just bought) - hard
disks spin up and CPUs are both running but nothing shows up on my
monitor, I can't get to the OpenBoot prompt (I'm using a Creator 3D
series 3 with a Dell LCD). I'd try a serial console but the only other
computer I have with serial ports is PA-RISC box on another floor that
doesn't even have an OS installed.

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