[rescue] VAX 6000s and HSC controllers available in Winnipeg

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Tue May 7 21:28:27 CDT 2013

On 5/7/13 8:59 AM, "cbajus at mts.net" <cbajus at mts.net> wrote:

>Any hardcore DEC collectors out there?
>$work is finally getting rid of a few rows of classic DEC gear from our
>datacentre, which includes 3 VAX 6000s (310, 420, and 610) and a number
>of HSC
>controllers (40, 50, and two 95s).  I'm absolutely _not_ offering to ship
>of these items, but they're available for pickup in Winnipeg (Canada) if
>anyone is interested.
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Does $work have documentation on the -600 series machines?  I'm looking
for engineering drawings and such, so I can figure out why my 6000-660 is
dyspeptic.  I have FE documentation, but it gives no circuit-level
details.  <sigh>  -- Ian

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