[rescue] Sun Fire T2000 (Niagara 1)

chase rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Thu May 2 13:08:28 CDT 2013

Just my experiences buying a T2000 on ebay. I recently purchased a T2000 with
32Gb and a 74Gb SAS drive for about $220. 
The ALOM battery is dead. And
it won't list one of the dimm's as certified but it does detected it. Sadly it
disables that entire bank of memory so I end up with 16Gb on 2 channels rather
than 32Gb on 4. it seems to work fine otherwise though and I am quite
suspicious that if I replace the ALOM battery it might fix that problem. 
course if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix that I'm all ears it could
very well be bad ram or perhaps the ram socket is bad I hope not. I have a
more detailed log I'll post later.
Chase Rayfield

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