[rescue] The red mouse and other tails

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Subject: [rescue] The red mouse and
other tails
From: Mark Kahrs 
Date: Tue, March 12, 2013 4:15 pm
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The (famous) red mouse is the DePraz mouse:

have a copy of the AT&T 5620's owner's manual as well as the
schematics) from Teletype. I am planning on donating these to the
History Museum where they can be scanned and available to all.

Yup - that's the one. I
actually like the ergonomics and the mechanical
action of the mouse buttons.
The DMD5620 FAQ online has the pinouts of the DB-9 connector for this
Apparently the AT&T 6xx and 7xx terminals that took a mouse used
the more
generic Logitec serial mice.

We had some 605's and 7-somethings when we had
AT&T gear, but not the
layers capable variants.

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