[rescue] A Blit lives again

shatle at nfldinet.com shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Mar 12 10:55:10 CDT 2013

Through some luck and generosity of friends, I once again have a DMD5620
(Blit) terminal running on my 3B2/310!
Nice touch - the previous owner had the terminal and docs, but not the
mouse. For some forsaken reason, I had kept the extra mouse I had from
the days when I had my first Blit. A match made in heaven :-)
The terminal is running fine, and I had the layers software to load up on
the 3B2, so I can make all kinds of terminal windows. What I don't have
is the demo software that would show off the different graphics
capabilities, etc.
All the links I can find for this on the 'net are long dead. If anyone
has this software or anything else fun for the DMD5620, I'd appreciate a
pointer to a download, or I can furnish some diskettes. 
I did receive a good chunk of doc with the terminal as well, so if I can
provide reference info to anyone please let me know. 

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