[rescue] Sun T2000 memory issue

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Mar 4 21:42:10 CST 2013

I just recieved a T2000 today.  When I powered it on, I got the
following error:

FATAL: Check DIMM configuration, Not enough valid dram channels
FATAL: No Valid MEMORY configuration
FATAL: The HOST Processor has a configuration error, forcing a power-down

I re-seated the DIMMS and tried again, same results.

Does anyone know if this is more likely to be a RAM issue, or a
motherboard issue?  

I do have 4 1 gig sticks of PC2-5300 Registered ECC ram from an HP, but
I don't know if it is single ranked or not, nor do I know if the machine
cares.  Crucial indicates I need 8 matched sticks though.

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