[rescue] Need help in booting Sun 2/50

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Fri Jun 28 16:57:23 CDT 2013

Your 68030 tapes will not work on the 3/60, which is 68020-based. The 030
tapes are meant for the sun3x machines, the 3/80 and 3/4xx. And the Sun-2's
are yet another architecture, being 68010-based.

The appropriate tape images for all of these are available online, but then
the question is how to get the files onto a tape in the first place. You may
be better off going a different route: installing SunOS on an emulated Sun-3
(because I believe you can use the raw files of a tape image directly with the
emulator rather than having to create a physical tape). Then you can netboot a
physical machine from the emulated machine, and from there you can make
physical tapes, if you still want to.

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for your feedback, I just took out the boards for photos and there
is a SCSI board attached which is not from Sun anyway, I think I will do
two ways, one is to resolder the connector and another is like you said
install 4.0.3 in the Sun 3/60 box, BUT, can you give idea on how to install
it? it seems there is no Sun documentation on SunOS 3.X or 4.X online. I
also don't have keyboard and mouse for the Sun 3 and it seems I can only
try to make an adapter to connect the Sun 2 keyboard to CPU..

I have 5 x SunOS 3.5 tape and 2x 4.0.3 domestic 68030 boot format 1/4"


On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 1:02 AM, Steven M Jones <smj+rescue at crash.com>wrote:

> On 06/27/2013 09:12 AM, Michael Ng wrote:
>> I have the shoebox 511A but the CPU does not havet DD50 connector -  it
>> seems it has been removed at somepoint. ... I have SunOS
>> 3.5 tapes and 4.0.3 tapes and the shoebox seems to work as when I plug it
>> to Sun 3/60 it makes noise.
>> Any advice will be highly appreciated..
> Sounds like your only option will be to run this Sun-2/50 completely
> diskless, unless you want to confirm that only the SCSI connector was
> removed and break out a soldering iron...
> I don't have a handy online reference to setting up SunOS 3/4 diskless
> workstations, but it was definitely covered in Sun's printed documentation.
> You may have or can find a copy of the SunOS 4.x AnswerBook online that
> will have such a section.
> Sounds to me like you could install SunOS 4.0.3 on the Sun-3/60 you
> mentioned, set it up as the boot server for the Sun-2/50 following Sun's
> docs, and use that or have a working model to translate to a *BSD or Linux
> server if that's more convenient for you.
> Good luck!
> --Steve.
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