[rescue] Need help in booting Sun 2/50

Michael Ng michaelng0623 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 11:12:59 CDT 2013


I was directed by Vintage-computer.com member to seek your advice on how to
boot a Sun 2/50 which I just acquired, it has the model 2 keyboard but not
the mouse, and the KB does not have the adaptor to be connected to the CPU.
When the system is turned on it displays below:

Probing I/O bus: ie
Using RS232 A input.
Auto-boot in progress ...
Boot: ie (0,0,0) vmunix

I have the shoebox 511A but the CPU does not havet DD50 connector -  it
seems it has been removed at somepoint. I am new to early Sun hardware and
can you give some idea on how to boot it to point of Windows? I have SunOS
3.5 tapes and 4.0.3 tapes and the shoebox seems to work as when I plug it
to Sun 3/60 it makes noise.

Any advice will be highly appreciated..


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